If you follow these easy steps, you should be able to get your garage door opener working in no time. My Honeywell Thermostat is Not Turning On! It’s Cold! Circuit board blinks a third time: The sensors are misaligned. Thanks a bunch. If you should find anything that is not working properly, please contact us with a note of what was not working, along with the type of browser you are using, the version of the browser, and your connection speed. Arrow blinks up once and then down twice: The sensor wired have been shorted. There’s two sensors you’ll need to locate. When the garage door opener is “locked-out” the transmitters will be disabled … For all other models, you’ll want to read the owner’s manual, but once you know that your sensors are off, you’ll need to realign them. If you have a 3-button wall panel (push-button, light, & lock) you simply push & hold the lock (padlock symbol) button for approx 10 seconds until the LED quits flashing. A power outage or surge -- particularly one that results from a storm -- may either cause a temporary malfunction or permanently damage the … If this doesn’t fix your problem, then the problem is more than likely the safety reversing sensors. Once you see the double flash, press the control button on the remote control. If they’re not, then you’ll need top readjust them. If this is not the issue, then your sensors will probably need to be aligned. Arrow blinks up 4 times and down 6 times: The sensor eyes are misaligned for a short period. Having your garage door light blink continuously is not only annoying, it’s also a sign that there is something wrong with the mechanism. If you’re unsure where this is, consult the owner’s manual. On the other hand, if you still can’t get it to work, you may need to call a professional or invest in a new system. However, the two most common reasons include a problem with the lock button and malfunctioning safety reversing sensors. The first thing you’ll want to do when your garage door light is blinking is to check to see if the lock button (sometimes referred to as the “Vacation” button) is turned on, and if it is, turn it off. Although if you go away on vacation you will want to make sure you have a key to another door into the house or otherwise you will be locked out of your own house when you get back home. Circuit board blinks once: Sensor wires are disconnected. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The wires that you’ll want to inspect include the ones running from the sensors to the motor. If you push the garage door opener switch when the sensors are obstructed or not aligned properly, your garage door will reverse, and the lights will blink 10 times. Some older openers used to have a vacation switch for this purpose & this is just the newer version of that same operation. If you notice this happen, start by seeing if anything is obstructing the sensors field of view. The remote control will not work. Therefore if someone pushes & holds the lock button by mistake while trying to open the door this function will be turned on. Follow the directs below. It solved my 1-month-old problem. Once you push this button, the light on the garage door opener will flash twice. Make sure that you don’t over tighten it. Now, if you own a newer model with an arrow light for both up and down, you’ll want to use the information below to detect the issue: Arrow blinks up and then blinks down: The sensor wires have been disconnected. After you have located these sensors, equip yourself with either a measuring tape or a ruler. To readjust your safety reversing sensors, equip yourself with wrench and begin to loosen the wing nut. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});