The image of the objective lens … Part (a) of Figure 2.40 shows a refracting telescope made of two lenses. Similarly, since our telescope is in normal adjustment, the rays entering the eyepiece leave parallel, so the distance between this lens at the focal point is the focal length of that lens. An astronomical telescope works on the principle that when an object to be magnified is placed at a large distance from the objective lens of telescope, a virtual, inverted and magnified image of the object is … The astronomical telescope makes use of two positive lenses: the objective, which forms the image of a distant object at its focal length, and the eyepiece, which acts as … This telescope is known as refractive telescope as the light suffers refraction (bending of light on passing from one medium to other medium) when it passes from air to lens … Let’s first study the different optical elements used today. TASK 1: Measure the focal length of each lens and show that when the telescope … I will keep the definitions as close as possible to the ones used in astronomical telescopes or even telescopes in general. The objective lens is a convex lens of larger focal length which makes the real image of an object and eyepiece lens is a convex lens of smaller focal length. The first lens, called the objective, forms a real image within the focal length of the second lens, which is called the eyepiece. The Astronomical Telescope. Telescopes are made up of more elements than you might think. A simple lens… Lens Lens is an optical element which converges or diverges light.

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