I am a Professional Chef with more than 12 years of experience, i grew up in Milan, Italy. The more mature cheeses, having stronger flavors, go well with a honey that also has a stronger and more intense flavor, such as chestnut honey. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Taleggio's soft, incredibly flavorful interior is creamy in texture and has a pungent aroma. Damit sich das Salz gleichmäßig verteilen kann, wird er regelmäßig gewendet. Hier finden Sie einen einfachen Leitfaden für die un-terschiedlichen Mahlzeiten. Der Taleggio wird aus regionaler Kuhmilch hergestellt. Each member therefore receives an identification number from the Consortium which allows them to trace the place of production of the cheese. And a certain territorial differentiation between the Lombard cheeses also began, which would definitively bring the “heart” of Taleggio production as we understand it today to the Lombard valleys, especially between Lecco and Bergamo. The fame of “cacio lombardo” (Lombard cheese) – initially produced also in the whole flat strip between the Ticino and the Lambro River, up to the Po River – grew throughout the Middle Ages until it appeared in the Renaissance recipe books of Cristoforo da Messisburgo and Platina. Your email address will not be published. Taleggio PDO cheese made with pasteurised milk. It is thought that this may be one of the oldest soft cheeses. The term ‘Taleggio’ appeared officially for the first time in 1944 and continued to be used even after obtaining the PDO mark in 1996. You name it — we have it. Der fertige Käse ist kräftig, aromatisch und gleichzeitig reichhaltig und mild. Durch das gründliche Waschen der Rinde während der Reifezeit werden intensive Aromen gefördert. Taleggio cheese is a pungent cow's milk cheese from the Lombardy region of Italy. While, at the same time, the differentiation between “stracchino” (semi-cured low-fat cheese), “quartirolo” (stracchino produced from 24 September onwards, when the cattle ate “erba quartirola”) and, precisely, “Taleggio” (with a minimum maturation of 35 days) is affirmed. Your email address will not be published. Taleggio is one of the most suitable cheeses to stuff omelettes, as in the recipe for omelette with asparagus and mushrooms. Write a Review. It’s one of the oldest soft cheeses produced in every autumn and winter. Dort ruht er, bis die verbliebene Molke abgetropft ist. amzn_assoc_title = "My Amazon Picks"; Restaurants. Since very young age i’ve been extremely interested to cuisine . [Curiosities and Recipes]. Bruno and Alfio Gritti grew up on a dairy farm—a cow dairy farm— near Bergamo, in northern Italy’s Lombardy region. Damit eignet er sich ideal für warme Speisen oder als Fondue-Käse. The paste of the cheese is homogenous and compact, softer under the rind and more crumbly in the centre of the cheese. ... Can find all of those near me. Cancel. Seine essbare, grobe Rinde stellt einen starken Kontrast zum cremigen Inneren dar. It was their dad, Renato Gritti, who founded the dairy in 1968. Auf eine Komposition aus sanften Fruchtnoten und mild-butterigen Aromen folgt ein würziger, nachhaltiger Abgang. The cheese obtained from this process is quadrangular parallepiped with flat faces and sides of about 20cm. 220 Exclusive Deluxe Recipes Created by the Finest Chefs. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. This cheese is specially used in roast meats and truffles.Brie is a French cheese which is also made from cow’s milk. Generally, the cheeses are placed on wooden boards in environments with characteristics as similar as possible to those of the places where this cheese was originally produced, i.e. The cheeses are then dry-salted or salted in brine, while the cheese is then matured in suitable environments with a humidity of about 90% and a temperature between 2 and 6 degrees. Here's all you need to know about taste, how the cheese is made and how you can use it. Unsubscribe at any time. Gruyère weist ähnliche Eigenschaften auf und ist eine tolle Variante für Salate, Käseplatten oder in geschmolzenem Zustand für Pasta-Gerichte und Risottos. cheese, its characteristics are protected by the European Union, so that production, milk supply and maturing can only take place in the areas specified by Italian and EU legislation. For Businesses. Dadurch kann der Ge-schmack abhängig davon, wie Sie den Käse schneiden, variieren. Wie lagere ich meinen Käse richtig – und was sind die ersten Anzeichen dafür, dass er schlecht geworden ist? Sein Aroma ist kräftiger und er schmilzt leichter. Durch die Zugabe von tierischem Lab ist der Käse allerdings nicht für Vegetarier geeignet.

Discover recipes with and wine pairings for this smooth and creamy cheese. Das Ergebnis ist mild und leicht säuerlich. Der Taleggio wurde nach dem Tal seiner Herkunft benannt und verkörpert echte Tradition. (Denomination of Origin) through the  DOP protocol (Protected Designation of Origin) in the European Union and with EC Regulation 1107/96 since 1996. The rennet must be obtained by law from calves and never from genetically modified microorganisms. The cheese is straw-colored ivory, with shades of a light pinkish color: Taleggio, lighter than this…”. natural caves. In order to prevent it from mould infestation, the cheese is washed with seawater once a week. So entsteht eine nahtlose Mischung gegensätzlicher Eigenschaften in Bezug auf Geschmack und Konsistenz. My name is Elia and I live in Sydney, Australia. Japanese Noodles – Curiosities, Varieties and Recipes. “Taleggio” is nothing more than the 20th century abbreviation of “quartirolo or stracchino quartirolo della Val Taleggio”. With the heat of the polenta the cheese melts to create an enveloping and exquisite softness. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; History. As far as wine pairing, Taleggio should preferably be accompanied by a red, fruity and fresh wine. amzn_assoc_linkid = "85d5f6ca0a39cfb7c5fef92dcfc97957"; The weight of a taleggio cheese varies between 1,7 and 2,2 kg, depending on the technical production conditions. The term “stracchino” or “quartirolo”, in fact, in Lombardy meant any soft cheese weighing about one kg. Discover recipes with and wine pairings for this smooth and creamy cheese. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; During this period, the cheeses are periodically sponged and turned so that the rind is always moist and the formation of mould is avoided. To be defined Taleggio PDO a dairy product must have been produced and matured in areas specified by the PDO regulations. This geographical area includes: the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Lecco, Lodi, Milan, Cremona, Como, Pavia in Lombardy; the provinces of Novara in Piedmont and Treviso in Veneto. I’m making a mushroom cannelloni and the sauce requires Taleggio cheese which I can’t find anywhere in all my local supermarkets ... Or you could make a blue cheese sauce with a a milder cheddar type cheese as a base and Gorgonzola added at the end for kick. So much so that in the 15th century the Sforza Ruling Family had to do their best to suppress the flourishing smuggling. This rating is not about the quality of the cheese which is fine , but about the quantity supplied and the price. Creamy Brie, aged Gouda, nutty Gruyère? As far as production is concerned, the basic raw material for making Taleggio is whole cow’s milk, which is added with lactoferments and liquid calf rennet. The taleggio cheese is immediately recognizable by its quadrangular parallelepiped shape and its sweet taste, but with a barely perceptible sour flavour. Taleggio is a smear-ripened Italian cheese named after the caves of Val Taleggio. Taleggio and similar cheeses have been around since Roman times, with Cicero, Cato the Elder, and Pliny the Elder all mentioning it in their writings. The texture and taste is similar to Taleggio. That is, the small valley in the province of Bergamo which, together with nearby Valsassina, had the privilege of producing the best “quartiroli cheeses”. This rating is not about the quality of the cheese which is fine , but about the quantity supplied and the price. The cheese has a strong aroma but the flavor is fairly mild.

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