What are the most common tasks that people forget _________________ (do)? If you haven’t taught reported speech, then you can still use the pair-work questions on the sheet (just delete the top paragraph about reported speech). On the other hand, infinitive phrases, more commonly referred to as infinitives, are formed with the word to in front of a verb. In the airport parking lot, his father actually hit another car. Dingmann Funeral Home Worthington Obituaries, He agreed _________  _________ healthily. Reread your story for a third time. He prefers drinking alcohol to lifting weights, of course. After a preposition, you almost always will find a . Hopefully these activities will give you some firepower for your English lessons. Worksheet - Farmer Jones story Download Farmer Jones story worksheet 11.35 kb At the basic level you will need to start … For this part, you practice grammar and vocabulary. In this lesson, students read two stories that use gerunds and infinitives in context. Now, his girlfriend has suggested _________________ (join) a gym. They both got kicked out of the restaurant. What habit do you have that you’d like to stop _________________ (do) ? But one month ago, his girlfriend told him __________ weight, so he decided  __________ a gym. You should make a list of good things. B: I’m sorry. With a partner, look at the questions below (together). B2 Gerunds and infinitives Teresa expected Bernardo to lose weight, but nothing changed. Great lessons..thanks so much for sharing. The verbs below change meaning when used with a gerund or infinitive. Dave Smith (footballer), Very helpful lesson plan and activities! But he had a problem. He tried to stop, but he couldn’t. This is a question of flying or in other words: to fly or not to fly'. Why Did Jamie Flatters Leave So Awkward, In the end, he had a great trip. His father tried _____________ them to the airport, but the roads were icy. She saw him pass by McDonald’s, but then he stopped walking. His girlfriend called him when we were at the pub. He tried __________ every day, but sometimes he forgot __________. Beautiful. Olcott Lake Report, Jeff Bauman 2020, Required fields are marked *, © 2016 Metro Staff | Website Designed and Hosted by. He stopped drinking his beer to answer the phone. One day, she followed him home from work. Southern Motion Reviews And Complaints, great ,simple and effective way of teaching. You can download it above. In this part, you will hear people talking in eight different situations. https://msistaff.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php, Washington State Drivers License Class Codes, Dingmann Funeral Home Worthington Obituaries. Lola Grace Consuelos Pictures, 2. Put them in the correct form (gerund of infinitive) and then ask each other the questions. She wanted him to quit eating fast food. In particular, he’ll never forget visiting Hawaii in 2010. If the question is error-free, then just answer the question. His girlfriend called him when we were at the pub. Bernardo disliked _________________ (exercise), but he agreed _________________  (try) it. (correct), When do you expect getting a job? I’m going to try it at the lesson tomorrow. Knowing how and when to use a gerund and infinitive will greatly improve your grammar and overall communication skills. Give the students a list of topics that they can discuss using the words from the verb lists they are working on. Seeker Of The Sun Names, If there’s an error, they can clarify the question (Sorry, did you ask me…?) English Current recommends Grammarly as a learning tool to reduce English mistakes. Put your students in pairs, and let them give it a try. Probation And Parole Essay Topics, Some rules in English just need to be memorized. Afterwards, if I’m teaching a 1.5 hour lesson, I usually begin my more formal lesson with a controlled worksheet, and then a semi-controlled speaking activity (e.g. (correct), What chore do you detest to do the most? Macdill Afb Housing Independence Park, He tried _____________ but he couldn’t. Get the latest stories in English and articles on idioms, phrasal verbs, grammar and exam tips! Have been looking for some vivid texts on gerund and infinitive to use in class. The list of verbs followed by gerunds is more concrete while the verbs followed by infinitives are more abstract. The list of verbs followed by gerunds is more concrete while the verbs followed by infinitives are more abstract. Among these are which verbs (and adjectives and adverbs) should be followed by a gerund, which by an infinitive, and which can be followed by either. (correct), Are you interested to go to a ballet performance? (crying / to cry), Jim stopped _________ his shoelace. It`s an excellent explanation of boring grammar rules: the students liked it. What activity have you tried and failed to do? Aqa English Literature Past Papers 2019, This is how I begin. After a month, he had lost a few pounds. After the straightforward rules for verbs like manage (infinitive) and enjoy (gerund) it can be quite difficult for students to grasp the difference in meaning between a verb like try which can be followed by both, but with different meanings. Lake Willoughby Vt Rentals, He hesitated to go in, but he finally did. Segmented Essay Examples, In these cases, we have to choose to use either an infinitive or a gerund. His father tried to get them to the airport, but the roads were icy. Using stories is so useful. Do you prefer ___________ (watch) movies to ___________ (read) books? Language Focus: Verbs followed by gerunds and/or infinitives, English Level: Intermediate, upper-Intermediate. Is English difficult or easy ___________ (learn)? I suggested _________________ (join) a gym. Thanks for the helpful suggestions. Naturally, she got angry. Activity components. Thanks a lot for sharing. (wrong – in going), If you saw an accident at the side of the road, would you keep to drive? When we do something helpful for another person, we feel more satisfied with life. Giving your students a list of verbs that match each category can be useful, but some students learn best through story. And the more interesting the story is, the more likely they are to remember it. Diamond Painting Magasin, If it’s correct, they can just answer the question. Have you decided _________________ (do) anything special this weekend? For ESL students getting it right may take some time and patience and hopefully these 3 techniques for teaching gerunds and infinitives will bridge the gap. This was difficult for him because he enjoyed _________________ (eat) chocolate and he preferred _________________  (drink) beer to Diet Coke! After the main verb, both gerunds and infinitives can be used. Some verbs take only an infinitive. He’s looking forward _________________  (lose) more weight. Driver License Online Florida, And thank you very much for sharing it! Bernardo loves _____________. He said that he didn’t mean _________ her, but she started _________. Peace. (wrong – to have), Did you accidentally forget doing anything on the weekend? Choose one that suits your level and give it a shot with your students. Thank you very much for sharing. But after two months, he only managed to lose 3 pounds. But he wanted _________________  (lose) more. Some verbs can take both gerunds and infinitives, with only a slight difference in the meaning (as explained in Part I above). For more advanced levels of ESL, this should be a simple, brief exercise that can be written on the board with the entire class participating. Thank you so much. To reinforce the differences between the gerunds, infinitives and progressive verb tenses, teachers need to provide an opportunity for students to identify each in sentences.

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