After magically recovering from the brink of death, Gansey embarked on a quest to find the mythical Welsh king Glendower who is prophesied to grant a wish to the person who wakes him. Upon meeting Henry, Blue was initially repulsed. In the churchyard, Blue and Gansey discover a human skeleton that bears Noah's ID. Whelk, a friend of Noah's, had unsuccessfully attempted to sacrifice Noah to gain the Ley line's power. Blue loves nature and the environment. Gansey, Ronan, and Noah live in a warehouse called Monmouth Manufacturing, while Adam lives with his parents in a double-wide trailer home. He has it all—family money, good looks, devoted friends—but he's looking for much more than that. If unchecked it will start filling his chest and brain and start killing him. or you killed him.”. The Raven Boys Wiki. Gansey also compared her to "the table at Starbucks everyone wanted". Richard Gansey III; Blue Sargent; Ronan Lynch; Adam … Because of this, she has avoided boys and dating for most of her life. She loves her family deeply, although she often feels like an outsider. Unlike Ronan, she is people-savvy and knows her way around Henrietta social cues. They become close friends and trust each other a lot. She's a feminist and refuses to be objectified by random men, or treated as a "girlfriend" and not a real friend by Adam. In her junior year of high school, and against her better judgment, Blue befriends several Aglionby boys—Richard Gansey, Adam Parrish, Ronan Lynch and Noah Czerny—and joins them in their quest for the sleeping Welsh king Owen Glendower. She is described as being a sort of magnet for the supernatural; the magnifying glass that focuses the sun. Blue herself never sees them—not until this year, when a boy emerges from the dark and speaks directly to her. The Raven Boys is the first of four books in The Raven Cycle by author Maggie Stiefvater. Meanwhile, Ronan witnesses Adam being beaten by his father, Robert, and attacks him. However, after spending more time with him at a party and "shedding her prickly skin", they discuss taking a vacation to Venezuela together and bringing Gansey, who Blue insists would hike instead of fly. Ley Lines Owain Glyndŵr All Terms Psychics Community. In the Raven Boys, Blue considers herself an amplifier with no power of her own. Known as Raven Boys, they can only mean trouble. She develops feelings for Adam and begrudgingly allows the boys access to her psychic relatives. The Raven Boys - Animated Book Trailer by Maggie Stiefvater. The story begins with Blue Sargent explaining she is the only non-psychic in her psychically-gifted family and they all predict that if she kisses her true love, they will die. Blue's first meeting with the Raven Boys at Nino's is a disaster and she walks away with Gansey's journal with his notes on Glendower. She is described as having large eyes, dubious eyebrows, and a curious mouth. “There are only two reasons a non-seer would see a spirit on St. Mark’s Eve,” Neeve said. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. But in Blue Lily, Lily Blue, Gwenllian teaches her that there is more to being a mirror--and a witch--than just sitting there while others do the real magic. His name is Gansey, and Blue soon discovers that he is a rich student at Aglionby, the local private school. Blue’s personal style is loud and eccentric. Category:The Raven Boys characters | The Raven Boys Wiki | Fandom. When the people in her house are doing readings, she often attends them, as she makes things loud and gives off extra energy. At first, Adam and Blue felt attraction for each other and started dating for a short period of time before breaking up. He is on a quest that has encompassed three other Raven Boys: Adam, the scholarship student who resents all the privilege around him; Ronan, the fierce soul who ranges from anger to despair; and Noah, the taciturn watcher of the four, who notices many things but says very little. Even though they didn't really like each other at first, over time they come to care for each other deeply. Out of those 200, only 13 of them consists of male. It was here where she met Ronan, Noah, Adam, and Gansey. . Blue herself never sees themnot until this year, when a boy emerges from the dark and speaks directly to her. Adam presses charges against his father and, on the drive home from the hospital, fights with Gansey about where he should live. The raven Boys and Blue attend Noah's funeral, and after reburying his body on the ley line, he reappears. Blue and Noah quickly became close friends as Noah decided he would do anything for Blue. Ronan admits to the group he took Chainsaw out of his dreams. It was here where she met Ronan, Noah, Adam, and Gansey. Blue comes from a family of psychics and is the only resident of her house to lack this ability. At their first meeting, Blue considered Gansey to be just another rich playboy, but her view changed after she got to know him. The Raven Boys Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Ronan's father, Niall, was murdered sometime before the beginning of the book. (Blue Lily, Lily Blue). Richard Gansey III; Ronan Lynch; Adam Parrish; Noah Czerny; Aglionby Students Terms. . It is revealed that he has been dead for seven years. Her whole life, she has been told by her family that if she kisses her true love, he will die. Character summaries written by smarty-pantsed PhDs that will make you look smart. Yes, 13 out of 200, AND this is only beca Raven Boys turns out to be more interesting that I thought it would be. Maura says it is 'her' cup and she even resembles the picture on the Page of Cups card in Maura's tarot deck. Blue is no more than five feet tall, with a compact build and ambiguous ethnicity. Blue was a fanciful but sensible thing, like a platypus, or one of those sandwiches that had been cut into circles for a fancy tea party. Female Characters The Raven Boys. Blue has a policy of staying away from Aglionby boys. Every year, Blue Sargent stands next to her clairvoyant mother as the soon-to-be dead walk past. That night, Adam steals Gansey's car and drives to Cabeswater, where he finds Whelk and Neeve. Her dark hair is short and spiky, held in place with a handful of multicoloured hair clips. They find a spiritual forest called Cabeswater, where time is warped and the trees speak Latin; referring to Ronan as the 'Greywaren'. Noah also lets her kiss him since he couldn't die and she wanted to try it at least once, making Noah her first kiss. Blue's and Ronan's friendship is sarcastic and sibling-like. Find out more about the characters in The Raven Boys. She is ambitious with big dreams for her future, which often leads to frustration when she's faced with the reality that opportunities like college cost money she doesn't have. The boys invite Blue on a helicopter ride in search of the Ley line. Wikis. Her aura color is blue, however, it is not said whether that is where she got her name from. Recently Changed Pages. The fourth and final installation of The Raven Cycle is entitled The Raven King.

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