Free S&H. This strain was obtained from J. D. Green in Tennessee and is thought to be from the Cherokee … Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomato Seeds. Wonderful, 1 lb., dusky rose to purple colored beefsteak tomatoes with dark shoulders. (approx. Mr. Green stated that he received them from a neighbor who said the tomato variety was 100 years old and was according to the neighbor grown by the Cherokee Indians. It is said that the seeds have been passed down generation to generation by Cherokee tribes that originated in Tennessee, USA. 70 seeds… Excellent tomato flavor. Productive plants produce large crops of 12 oz. Perfect for slicing and salads. Lake Valley Seed Packet(Organic Heirloom) Meaty, purple-red flesh and unmatched flavor make Cherokee Purple an heirloom tomato favorite. We believe this is the best tasting tomato available and even beats Brandywine for flavor. The large, 12oz tomatoes maintain their dusky reddish/ pink colour inside and out, creating a very powerful dash of colour to your salads and dishes. A Dependable highly productive tomato. 80 days to harvest. The Tomato Cherokee Purple … Cherokee Purple. Cherokee Purple is our most popular purple market tomato. Listed in the Seed … Abundant crops. It Is believed to have or originated with Cherokee gardeners in Tennessee. At True Leaf Market Seed Supplier, find a vast assortment of vegetable seeds including certified organic, heirloom, non-gmo Cherokee Purple Tomato Seeds. Organic Cherokee Purple was gifted to heirloom tomato enthusiast Craig LeHoullier by J. D. Green of Tennessee. fruits. Organic Tomato Seeds $ 4.00.

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