In a mortar and pestle, grind the sesame seeds. I love that mix of crispy and soft textures! Think I've had something similar. The ones I've seen in the grocery shop is just normal japanese tofu. Kat. Then transfer to a large pot full of cold water (photo 1). hope u'll be able solve my problem here T.T...tq very much!=D Regine, To Food With Love,thanks :)Regine,it's soft but firm, not fragile. IRENE,Chicken PASTE will be a good substitute. Have u tried overcooked egg custard? Cut the konnyaku, carrot, into bite size pieces and cook them in boiling water for a few minutes. Does ur tofu come out a lot of water after steaming? But nowadays, I rarely come across this as "signature". I love to eat this and yours looks perfectly delicious! Steam on medium heat for 10 minutes (mine was done in 8 mins, you have to check it yourself. Knead until it's glossy. When everything is prepared to combine, place them all together in a large mixing bowl and combine them all together, just before serving. Place the block of tofu on a paper towel-lined plate and top with another sheet of paper towel and a plate. I try again. Not mince, but PASTE. It looks yummy... By the way, do you think I can substitute the fish paste with minced meat instead? Hmmm...Bee,Oh yes, homemade fish paste. Read the recipe please.Elin,Last time got right? Did you turn off the heat and left the lid on? ; Drain the potatoes (photo 3). ^^ JasMine Chuah, This is delicious...never see this in restaurant anymore :( Thank you so much for sharing the recipe...'tou si' from you now :). … Hi Wendy...saya masuk kesini dari rumah lena (frozen wings), seperti lena, blog anda sungguh menarik dan penuh dengan makanan2 yg sedap2 belaka. :(. Nowadays I record my time in my recipes so that i can remember.Ahh.. one day I will do a post for Random Sunday about kneading bread, just sharing what I find out, no where near a master yet, hahaha. LOL. Drain the tofu and wrap in paper towels to absorb excess water. Thump Up!!! Maybe that the problem why the tofu was too soft! Lyndsey,Oh yes, the guy was very nice to make us a 9X16 tray of it. Add Recipe #369266 and cook another 2 minutes, stirring. I can't wait to try it! If you don't have potato starch, what about tapioca starch? Put paper towel around the tofu and put a weight (like a plate or bowl) on top of the tofu for 15 minutes to take out the excess water. Heat remaining oil in another pan, over medium-high heat. Oversteaming will cause it water to seep out too.Tapioca starch is fine, no prob.. Wendy,I did check it out after the 7 minutes, and thought it still a little soft on the surface so I continue steam for 3 minutes more and took it out immediately. When I saw the photo, I thought it was for daikon radish cake...yum! 2 rbsp carrot shreds. Anonymous,It's 390gm. will make it very soon. hai wendy.. have been follow you but never give a comment.. i really love your blog n want to try all your recipe except for n0n-halal food..but first i want to try how to make cendol because i really loves to eat cendol and ur homemade cendol seems easy to made..wish me luck! There's no air circulation. hello wendy =)i've tried out this recipe and since i cant get water chestnut, my mom suggested me to use 'sengkuang'instead, will it influence the final result? Wendy, son of Ah Sor is not so Sor afterall! Kalau taknak, letak skit serbuk ayam supaya tauhu ni ada rasa "daging" skit. LOL. Hi Wendy,Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipe. Thanks so much for the great recipe.What is your advice if i want to increase the fish paste so that the taste is more pronoun - what will be the proportion of fish pastr to tofu then?Debby. Add salt and pepper to taste and remove from fire. Wash under cold water and squeeze water out very well. Icha,I just put it direct to steam with only the wok lid, no extra covering.The recipe link to the fish paste is in the recipe. Thank you so much for any suggestions that you might have in mind. As said in the recipe, mine was done in 8 minutes, although the recipe says 8. No water droplets at all. Thanks for dropping by my blog.All comments are greatly appreciated.If you have tried any of the recipes and blogged about it, please provide a link so that others may have a look at it too :)FOR NON BLOGGERS:Please select profile and click "Name/URL" if u do not have any profiles on any of those listed, type in the name (leave the URL empty) It's not nice to call you ANONYMOUS, so please leave a name.From 15/11/13 onwards, I will NOT reply comments with no name.Only comments on posts older than 24 hours will be moderated :)You won't see them appearing immediately if it's not a fresh post. Happy Weekend. Thanks for sharing this. Set it aside. Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Malaysia License. Cook spinach in boiling water for a minute. Hi Wendy,May I Coat tofu pieces with corn flour? 80 Twenty Nutrition bean sprouts, sesame seeds, extra firm tofu, peanut butter, carrot and 9 more Mel,Take note that tofu fish is softer and has less binding properties compared to mackerel.If you want to use tofu fish, and if you made the paste yourself, try to reduce the water.If you used a pot to steam, there could be droplets of water. *Add to loooooong list of recipes to try*. Have eaten something like this long,long ago in some 'Ta chau' place in Cheras. Buy a good one. Bring a large pot of water to a boil, add salt. Set this aside while you prep your other ingredients. drain the water and squeeze out any excess water. Do you make that as well? Icha-icha,Yes, you will only lose the crunch factor. Look nice and yummy. this looks delicious. Thanks for sharing how to make the tofu! and ur mixture looks so firm after steamed but mine was quite soft, and there's water condensed under the tofu after steamed.or maybe because of the sengkuang 0.o?? Thanks.Debby, Hi wendy, i made this twice but when i steamed the mixture never set. Hi Wendy,Is glad wrap alright for steaming?Cheers, nana0709,I used Glad too.I just don't trust those cheapo Made in China ones :p. I loves this dish very much as I used to order this whenever we eat out at the "Tai Chau". Mel,did you steam it immediately?Over steaming it can cause the tofu to release water, and tofu too. … 3 pieces Japanese egg tofu. I still intend to make this again because I just loves this fry tofu. Or do you just put the steamer's lid on? 1 large egg. =), Sharz,Hope you like my recipes, try whichever is suitable for you :). Is there any moisture dripping back onto the tofu? Will give it a try. Dear Wendy,The tofu was very very well received on my second attempt! Adakan? The tofu is moist inside, so there's no way, it will be crispy for long that is until the moisture seeps out. I used mini steamer, does it means i need to steam longer if the mixture still yellow and watery?Gise. reconstitute hijiki by leaving them in a bowl of water for about 20 minutes. Isn't it funny how trend in restaurants go. When I finished steaming for 10 minutes, I found there are water on the surface and I used a wok to steam. Haven't had this in a long time. Thanks for sharing :). The vege could leak moisture if left for too long uncooked in the mixture. Eat it ASAP.I hope ur carrot, spring onions and everything is not wet.This recipe is almost as per the recipe in the book, except that I rounded up some ingredients, the vegetables.Is the tofu after steaming whole piece solid or is there any water?Are u using a pot or work to steam? Mackeral fish paste is firmer than other fish's. Mel,Mine is as dry as what you saw. I really wanna try this recipe. 招牌豆腐 at some restaurants? It's ok. Hi wendy, do u cover your tofu mixing with cling wrap when u put it on the steamer? Sengkuang has more moisture than waterchestnut and has the tendency to release the moisture it has. Supposed to be, but weather played with us, so we ended up coming here on Because your recipe already added 1 egg. The egg is a binder and the egg tofu is for flavour. oh that sounds soooo good wendy! Hi Wendy,Thanks for your speedy response. Please advice... TksCheers. Add onion and cook until transparent (approximately 3 minutes). This dish goes well with Thai chilli sauce....yum... Cass,I hope u like thisMarina,Oh yes, veryGert,sure can. Learnt from my friend and she also add white tofu. If the lid is highly domed, then there is less risk of dripping water. This masterpiece is looking sooo, soooo evilish handsome with great taste!!! Break the tofu into the mortar and add sugar and salt and mix/grind well. Must show my mum this recipes ask her to try ur recipes! It is nice to bring such good things back. Looks good. Extra Thick and Fluffy Japanese Style Pancakes, Strawberry Shortcake cake – Japanese version. Mention. then can make big batch and cook for few days, hahaha, My gawd!! By the way, wanted to check with you How long for you to take to pass window pane test when you use your heavy duty KA mixer to knead bread dough? And they still have this dish in JB. Adding more cornstarch and egg could solve this problem.Open Kitchen ConceptThanks, dont expect u'll reply me this soon! The fried ones, outside is crispy, inside is soft. Solid piece. ThanksLily. Mel,It won't stay crispy for long, only while it's hot. wow, how do u know that? 1 tbsp cornstarch. I have all the ingredients in my fridge so I might try this out tomorrow. The tofu steak itself has become a staple in our house. hehe.. he must have made a delicious pan of tofu for your mum otherwise it will not be finished.

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