aluminium cone: Crossover frequency: 2.1 kHz: Frequency range (-6dB) 47 Hz - 45 kHz: Typical in-room bass response (-6dB) 26 Hz: Frequency response (±3dB) 79 Hz - 28 kHz BW 606 has a frequency range of 52-28k Hz whereas LS50 has a frequency range of 79-28k Hz. A truly revolutionary tool in the KEF acoustic armoury, Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT) is a highly complex maze-like structure that absorbs 99% of the unwanted sound from the rear of the driver, eliminating the resulting distortion and providing purer, more natural sound. Another special feature distinguishing the bass reflex tube from being ordinary; in the middle of the tube sits a flexible section allowing the tube to expand, like a balloon or bicycle tube. LS50 Meta’s low-diffraction, curved baffle is precision modelled around the Uni-Q driver array. LS50 Meta is such a loudspeaker, and enhancements over the legendary LS50 include Driver Performance Optimisation and patented off-set flexible port for the best acoustic performance and an incredible immersive sound. LS50 Meta is a highly precise, emotionally engaging loudspeaker built on revolutionary acoustic technology. While LS50 is a great speaker, LS50 Meta and the technological advances it boasts offer a truly dramatic improvement in sound quality. **, Subscribe to our newsletter to receive news, updates, free stuff and new releases by email. KEF LS50. Every aspect of LS50 Meta has been considered for acoustic benefits and from a design perspective. Like very few other speakers, the LS50 will be able to exactly and unequivocally make clear whether the sound engineer has done a good job in the studio or not. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. 9/24/20, ** KEF reserves the right, in line with continuing research and development, to amend or change specifications. Resonances are subdued by very effective bracing and stiffening of the cabinet. Really great loudspeakers simply melt away, leaving you with just the music. The result of such meticulous attention to detail is the lowest coloration of any speaker in its class. The LS50 bookshelf speaker is a completely new design, with technical similarities to the current KEF Blade flagship floorstander. But you don’t get the LS50 Meta’s insight, delicacy or top-end refinement. See Details. More open sounding, cabinet vanished. A pristine voice, perfectly rendered layers of instruments you can lose yourself in, sound so clear it’s as though the artist is there with you. The LS50W’s have much deeper bass extension. The Q150 contains an enhanced Uni-Q Driver Array designed to smooth out treble frequencies, and reimagined crossovers to provide cleaner and more accurate bass. Thanks, KEF. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. I'm gonna wait a couple of days before hooking up a sub. Hi-Fi/Home Theater, Speakers. OGSAN 1, Posted on Your email address will not be published. In the center of the driver sits a 1 inch aluminum dome tweeter with a ‘Tangerine Waveguide’. The internal stiffening and the curved baffle make for a very stable and sturdy cabinet, which is insensitive to resonances. 143 ratings. The waterfall diagram shows the excellent decay and the THD chart confirmed the good-natured distortion behavior of the speaker. These cookies do not store any personal information. In order to appreciate the Big 50, the KEF engineers created a very special speaker called LS50, whose concept was influenced by the legendary BBC studio monitor, the LS3/5a. Perfect conditions to minimize discoloration in the midrange and allow the Uni-Q driver to play freely and openly at all frequencies. Bookshelf Speakers. Min. If the singer is slightly off center, it is the work of the sound engineer – the compact KEF LS50 hides no details. KEF's anniversary model, the LS50, is a visually gorgeous speaker with equally glorious sound. Despite its small dimensions, the LS50 fills the listening room very convincingly with music. Our impedance measurements showed that the impedance dropped to a minimum of 3.8 Ohms in the lowest bass frequencies, which is why we would identify the LS50 as a 6-ohm speakers. Using the very latest Uni-Q driver specifically designed for this model, LS50 radiates an extremely large listening area with remarkably fast, clean sound, Matte black KEF logo atop a beautifully clad high gloss black speaker cabinet with 50th anniversary rose gold aluminium Uni-Q driver, LS50 is one of the most award-winning speaker products ever released by KEF, by industry reviewers and consumers alike. I am in love. Also specified are frequency responses of “45Hz-28kHz (More bass extension)” and “61Hz-28kHz (Less bass extension).” Which one you use will depend on where you set the LS50’s adjustable DSP crossover. The result is cleaner, more precise sound. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Looks like gunmetal. Although the frequency response is generally slightly uneven, overall everything was very well balanced and without any disturbing dips or peaks. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. LS50's unique technologies offer by far the cleanest, most accurate studio-grade performance of any mini monitor. Eventual occurring residual resonances is kept inside the cabinet as the internal structure is separated from the outer structure by using insulation on critical parts of the cabinet. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. KEF LS50 Mini Monitor - High Gloss Piano Black (Pair), Speaker only, Klipsch Reference Premiere Review – RP-280F, RP-450C, RP-250S, R-115SW. LS50 Meta may look sensational, but as a high-performance loudspeaker every aspect of its design is a case of form following function. Add to that no visible screws in the curved baffle as icing on the cake. KEF’s mini-monitor is a compact bookshelf speaker in high-gloss black or white piano lacquer, which is equipped with a newly developed 5.25 inch Uni-Q array with a ‘rose gold’ magnesium-aluminum cone for the black version or ‘Electric Blue’ for the white. The LS50 Metas are now the class leader at this level.” — September 2020. Although the frequency response is generally slightly uneven, overall everything was very well balanced and without any disturbing dips or peaks. The front port has been moved to the back of the Q150 and internal architecture has been redesigned to reduce internal resonances to improve audio clarity. This is why we offer a choice of four finishes, Carbon Black, Titanium Grey, Mineral White, and Royal Blue Special Edition. Although the frequency response is generally slightly uneven, overall everything was very well balanced and without any disturbing dips or peaks. LS50 Meta: Design: Two-way bass reflex: Drive units: Uni-Q Driver Array: HF: 25 mm (1 in.) The -3dB frequency is the frequency you want to use when setting your subwoofer crossover – in the case of the LS50 that would be 79Hz.

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