Farm to Doorstep! Suttons have a great range of chilli plants for sale, you just have to choose how hot to go! Scoville rating of 80,000 shu. Use in salsa, dips, or other recipes as you would normal-sized jalapenos. The crop produces a heavy cropping of up to 200 chillies per plant. The best results will always be achieved when grown under glass as pepper plants need a long, sunny season to mature. Nice firm fruits maturing from green to shiny dark red. Chilli plants should be able to look after themselves without the need for plant supports. Scoville rating of 100-250,000 shu, Pepper Snack Pepper Yellow | 5 Vegetable Plug Plants£4.99. Chillies add not just colour, but also heat to a dish, so do take care. from your catalogue last year for my new ‘larger’ vegetable garden. Plants arrived on time and in good condition. 11 items You're on page 1; Suttons have a great range of chilli plants for sale, you just have to choose how hot to go! Pepper F1 Redskin| 5 Vegetable Plug Plants£4.99. Ideal for growing on the windowsill, in the greenhouse or on a sheltered patio. Pepper F1 Thai Dragon | 5 Vegetable Plug Plants£4.99. Pepper La Bomba | 5 Vegetable Plug Plants£4.99. Pepper Plants. A red bell pepper with a mid-range bit of heat that has a sweet and mildly spicy flavour. Excellent germination and look forward to a bumper crop. I have to say I have never had such success in the garden. Sweet Bell Pepper Bendingo. Excellent. Pepper Cajun Belle | 5 Vegetable Plug Plants£4.99. Smooth skin and thick flesh makes them easier to stuff. Chilli Plant Care . Indoor Garden Pepper Seed Starter Kit - 4 Non GMO Hot Peppers Seeds for Planting, Pots, Planter Box, Scissor, Plant Markers - DIY Grow Your Own Vegetable Herb Growing Kits, Vegan Gardening Gifts 4.4 … Exellent service. Pepper Apache | 5 Vegetable Plug Plants£4.99. If you’re a chilli veteran, try the famous Carolina Reaper, the World’s Hottest Chilli, a devilishly hot 2.2 Million on the Scoville scale. If you can take the heat, chillies have lots of antioxidants, and all peppers and chillies are a good source of vitamins C, A and B-6. Snacks are the newest buzz word in healthy eating for kids and ‘Snack Pepper Yellow’ are the perfect size for children’s lunch boxes. This plant is out of season. Pepper Delirio | 5 Vegetable Plug Plants£4.99, Pepper Scotch Bonnet Red | 5 Vegetable Plug Plants£4.99, Used for cooking and ideal for sauces and salsas. Mild sweet bell peppers to Scotch Bonnet hot chillis with a Scoville rating of 100-250,000 shu. Registered in England & Wales No. © 2020 Brookside Nursery Ltd. All rights reserved. A collection of hot and spicy peppers (Chillis) ranging in scoville heat units (shu). You may also be interested in Sutton’s chilli and pepper seeds, or herb plants to add more flavour to your foods. However, in a hot summer, there is no reason why they can’t be grown outside in the full sun. Chilli plants tend to be smaller and so will happily fruit even on a sunny windowsill. Pepper Bendigo| 5 Vegetable Plug Plants£4.99. The sweet tasting fruits are 6cm x 3.5cm and a bright yellow colour. Royal Mail seem to have a problem with handling 'live plants'. Like its name may suggest, this jalapeno type of pepper has an excellent flavour and medium heat content. The pepper is the only member of the Capsicum genus that doesn’t produce capsaicin; conversely, chillies contain a high percentage of this phytonutrient, which is what gives them their spicy flavour. Looking forward to a good display in the early part of next year. Resistant to tobacco … 3x 2L Perennials for £10; 3x 2L Gerbera for £10 ; 3x 2L Cannas for £10; 3x 2L Dahlias for £10; 3x 2L Begonias for £10; 3x 2L Bedding for £10; 3x 2L Fuschias for £10; Space Sava Water Butt - Save £5; Half Price Sale. Try planting pepper plants near tomatoes, parsley, basil, and carrots in your home vegetable garden. From: £7.99. Pick the fruit as they reach a good size. Extremely hot and strong aroma. Pepper Plants. Don't plant them near fennel or kohlrabi. Peppers are very colorful when in full fruit and combine well with … Chilli pepper plants can be grown in a sunny spot in a patio container or in a greenhouse, chilli plants are especially attractive and often unusually shaped.

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