How To Marinate Feta Cheese Begin by cutting your feta cheese into flat squares — about 1/4 inch thick and two inches wide. I changed the oil as I prefer olive oil to rapeseed oil. Together with the green herbs the feta looks really colourful and tastes delicious. The recipe is adapted from a Swiss cooking magazine called 'Le Menu' (September 05). But feel free to use rapeseed oil … In this recipe, feta cheese is marinated in olive oil, fresh herbs, garlic, lemon, and sun dried tomatoes for a delicious and … Some minced garlic and freshly ground pepper is a great addition, regardless of which herbs you choose. Try to chop the red bell pepper and the olives as small as possible. Then, place a small amount of the olive oil … And some good-quality olive oil is mandatory. This is a great recipe for marinated feta. If you like feta/olives/herbs this is a clear winner. Serve this Marinated Feta Appetizer with crackers or crusty bread. A Cook from Tribeca, NYC / prÉsident® feta marinated cubes olive oil Delicious Sheep Milk French Feta pre-diced and marinated in the perfect amount of olive oil. Enjoy as a flavorful snack, for entertaining, or add on salads and dishes … I made it with less olive oil than the recipe about 3/4 cup so the guests could add more oil if they wanted to.

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