Your Cashew Tree will need regular fertilizer application to thrive and produce a rich bounty of fruit. The cashew tree originally hails from Brazil and was traded throughout India, Mozambique and Portugal in the 16th century. That is because the amount of nut tree fertilizer necessary depends on the size of the tree trunk. Cashew trees are generally planted with a spacing of 7 to 9 meters adopting square system. Fertilizer. The tree used to give lot of cashews once. You can grow a cashew tree indoors with the proper care and pruning. Use slow-release fertilizer 8-3-9 according to the product instructions. can any one suggest any good fertilizer if possible very easily available fertilizer. Its tropical beginnings cause the tree to damage easily in temperatures less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. High density planting of cashew at a closer spacing of 4 m X 4 m (625 plants/ ha) in the beginning and thinning out The first thing that you should consider before planting a cashew tree, is the climate in your region. but we have good supply of water. Place your fertilizer around the base of your Cashew Tree every two months during growing season. in diameter, apply 1 pound (453.5 g.) for every inch (2.5 cm.) Reduce regular fertilizer program by 50% ***Repeat every 12 months. A good time to fertilize trees in most Northern temperate climates is from fall to mid-spring. After about 3 years, your cashew trees should start producing fruit. The West Africa region is producing at almost the same level as South Asian countries, while East Africa is currently facing a decline in the production of cashews. And our house is placed in country side. To learn how to harvest the fruit on your cashew trees, scroll down! At these times the tree's roots take the nutrients from the soil and apply them to important health-promoting functions such as root development and disease resistance, rather than simply putting out new growth. The soil is very old now and must have lost nutrients. A spacing of 7.5 m X 7.5 m (175 plants/ ha) or 8 m X 8 m (156 plants/ ha) is recommended. Month 1: Day 90 / Month 3: Day 180 / Month 6: Day270 / Month 9 of trunk diameter. But now it does not. Fertilize your cashew trees once or twice a year with a fertilizer that's rich in zinc, phosphorous, and nitrogen. The average temperature should ideally be around 27°C or 80°F. Since, the cashew is a tree that grows in the tropics, it is very sensitive to frost and is unable to survive temperatures below 10°C or 50°F. If the trunk is no bigger than 6 inches (15 cm.) We have a cashew tree in our house and it is more than 20 yrs old. Cashew trees are widely cultivated for their nuts and derived products in West, East and South Africa. When your nut trees are young, measure the diameter of the tree at breast height. not even a single flower. CASHEW TREE ANNUAL PROGRAM – Application per Hectare – OPTION 3. Day 1: Day 30 / .

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