I have exactly wavy, dry and frizzy hair and this product works wonders. Stick to these best makeup brands and you’ll never regret another makeup purchase again. Like Essence, they aim at very young customers (there’s also Rival de Loop for adults, but I actually like their “kiddie brand” better *laughs*), and they’re very inexpensive, with nail polishes for less than 1€ and stuff. Unfortunately, I can’t splurge too much, I already do so on makeup, so skin care for now is not a priority, but that’s for now only I loved the eye cream, as well as the moisturiser, also the divine oil is a nice rich oil, with a very pleasant fragrance. 15 Best Compact Makeup Powders Available in India Some of my first make-up was from these brands and I still love it. I have 4 of them, some colours have some shimmer in it, and the others are just glossy. Cosmetics are regulated to ensure safety, governed mainly by the European Union’s (EU) Cosmetics Regulation. someone get me RT brushes pleaseeee…… *waaa*. Photo Credit: @blushtribe on IG. Europe is a world leader in the cosmetics industry and dominant cosmetics exporter. Please be aware that restricting cookies may impact on the functionality of this website. Supposedly they are so lightly pigmented, because the brand is aimed at young teenagers who are still inexperienced at applying makeup, so that they wont end up painted like a parrot. Some products are really great, some others are just worth the money you pay, which is 2-3€ max for Essence and 6-7€ max for Catrice. This website uses cookies. The smell is a nice sweet smell, very subtle. Illamasqua is a luxury brand with amazing reviews about almost every product. Some other honourable mentions are the eyebrow pencils which have a very fine point, nice colours for everyone. There are shimmery ones, glittery, cream, metallic, they always add new finishes and shades every season. Makeup Best Beauty Buys Health & Fitness ... We don't have specifics, but we do have a list of the brands she's approved, along with some hearsay on what items in each collection she fancies. Super fabulous post! We interviewed makeup artists to find out what clean, organic, and natural makeup brands are their favorites for impressive color ranges and performance. After all this year into makeup, I still haven’t tried all of them  I personally love the ultra-glossy stylo lipstick, they have a glossy finish, and packaging is sleek and minimal. I don’t know if in the long term it’s really protecting my hair, but they hold the shape better and it smells really nice. I recently got a Zoeva In terms of the frequency with which cosmetic products are used, differences can be observed across countries, between people of different genders and ages and for different cosmetic products. From elaborate makeup routines which take hours to apply (courtesy Kim Kardashian) to a simple red stain on lips and a dab of powder on your nose, makeup can be stretched in a million ways. They feel like a lip balm, they are quite weightless and not too sticky. Other brands that I have heard a lot about are MUA and Barry M, the first one is very cheap, and the second is famous for their nail polishes. The market penetration of some cosmetic and personal care products in the EU is likely to be near 100%. Beyond labelling, we provide information to consumers through other means, including marketing and communications. Learn more about the benefits of cosmetics and personal care products. Kikoooooo *pompom* *laughs* In any way, I have found that I love ALL their little quattro palettes. If you can splurge and you like natural and organic skin care, go for Caudalie. Brands in UK – Illamasqua/Drugstore Brands: If you happen to go to the UK, you can find most of the brands mentioned (except Catrice and Essence), but you will be able to find other English brands. Learn about the activity we undertake to ensure safety. They have more than 120 shades, so for sure you will find one of your taste!!! Kiko is an Italian brand now available all over Europe, they have their own store, and in Italy, they are very popular. Submit. Let’s look at some the world famous and renowned make-up brands … This will be helpful for many! The sector is highly innovative and provides significant employment in Europe. very very useful post dear….it will help many of us….wanna try most of these brands…no no all the brands… Also possibly worth a look is the Rossmann drugstore brand Rival de Loop Young. Also, Tangle Teezer brush made a lot of difference to my hair, it’s very effective at detangling hair, especially long locks, without breaking or damaging them. So i don’t know what to think anymore. Budget Makeup Products for Teens- 2, Thanks for this amazing post Maria…..it would help so many *jai ho*. It’s either a hit or miss with these. Venice and Paris are for sure on your list… , i have heard of these brands…..but when i went to europe i didn’t get much time to shop *cry* *cry* *cry* i wish i would have got some time and would have got a chance to try some of these…. Cosmetics Europe - The Personal Care Association, Innovation and Future Trends in the Cosmetics Industry, Cosmetics & Personal Care in Your Country, Backing International Regulatory Convergence and Competitiveness, benefits of cosmetics and personal care products, labelling requirements to provide consumers with the information they need, cosmetics and personal care in your country. We state this with confidence because safety is the primary concern of all manufacturers. To learn more, read Understanding the Cosmetics Regulation. But it’s still on the cruelty free list on this site, and everywhere i looked. Makeup Best Beauty Buys ... We don't have specifics, but we do have a list of the brands she's approved, along with some hearsay on what items in each collection she fancies. I love the eye pencils from the limited edition collection. I want you also to smell this incredible cream, I always receive so many compliments that I have lost count. I am using this for 6 months now and I already bought a second tube, I can totally notice the difference when I forget to use it. Because it’s a dupe for MAC Club eyeshadow, the shade is one of a kind, in some lights, it looks brown, then green with a little bit of blue as well. There are a lot of great makeup brands that have been creating excellent products for years, with prices varying from luxury to drugstore. They have lots of product for every hair type and every necessity, unfortunately, they are not really cheap, but every styling item lasts for a while, so it’s a little investment in your hair. The eye shadows as well are quite pigmented and long lasting; I tend to overlook them now since I am set with everything I have. Phytokératine spray is a repairing thermal protectant spray for weakened and damaged hair with keratin. A sample of data for some of the most widely used cosmetic products is given in the diagram below. To find out more about cookies, how to block them or control their use by configuring your browser, read this page. They also have SPF 15 and it’s always a good point. They’ve got a lot amazing new stuff in their lineup, starting August. Every cosmetic and personal care product on the market in Europe is safe to use. The European Commission is also in contact with cosmetics stakeholde… This post is going to be so useful to me when I travel to europe soon *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*, now i know what list do i have to give to my Beau when he travels to Europe next Nice post , And now we know, Rati is travelling to Europe soon! The consistency is silky and buttery, very easy to apply and blend, just be careful with the possible fallout. Or they were from Limited Editions. I have a few, but they are VERY hit and miss. On all their products. Required fields are marked *, Best Makeup and Beauty Products To Buy From Europe. 15 Things you Should Absolutely Never Do on a Weight Loss Diet. Available in a wide variety of colours: 21 brilliant, ultra-modern and always wearable shades. And, Anwesha is right, P2 has got some pretty amazing stuff too, imho especially their sand nailpolishes, and the gel eyeliner pens. Learn how we inform the consumer. For high-end makeup, Chanel sits in the top spot. You’ll feel as glamorous and sophisticated as Coco herself when wearing CHANEL makeup. Nail lacquer has no abrasive ingredients like Toluene, Camphor, DBP and Formaldehyde. It removes some of the frizz, doesn’t smell anything wonderful, just a herbal soft smell.

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