Tree Characteristics. Often it is used as a clipped hedge or tall screen to 20 feet high. Height: 25 - 35 feet. Fragrant White. Rating Content; Positive: On Feb 25, 2017, Rickwebb from Downingtown, PA wrote: I saw some of this species while vacationing around Wilmington, North Carolina in February 2017. Introduction. BRIGHT N TIGHT CHERRY LAUREL, BRIGHT N TIGHT CAROLINA CHERRY, LAURELCHERRY. Flowers Showy. In late winter to mid spring, a profusion of sweetly fragrant, tiny white flowers held in dense racemes, 2-3 in. Width: 15 - 25 feet. Growth Rate: 12 to 36 Inches per Year. Has Evergreen foliage. Carolina Cherry Laurel (Prunus caroliniana) Carolina cherry laurel can reach 35 to 40 feet with multiple trunks. long (5-10 cm), with pointed tips. Rounded Shape. The leaves and stems emit an almond scent when bruised. Leaves Elliptic, Green, No Change, Evergreen. Attractive and fast-growing, Prunus caroliniana (Carolina Cherry Laurel) is a dense evergreen shrub or small tree of pyramidal-oval habit with smooth, glossy dark green leaves, 2-4 in. Overall, it is a handsome, evergreen, fast-growing large shrub or small tree from about 12 to 36 feet high. The densely leaved plant has glossy green leaves, which are 2 to 4 inches long. Flowers in Spring. Prunus caroliniana, known as the Carolina laurelcherry, Carolina cherry laurel, cherry laurel, or Carolina cherry, is a small evergreen flowering tree native to the lowlands of Southeastern United States, from North Carolina south to Florida and westward to central Texas. The species has also escaped into the wild in a few places in California. The tree can reach 40 feet in height with a 25-foot spread though is often seen smaller when grown in the open. Cherry-laurel, a dependable, easily grown, North American native, is densely foliated with glossy, dark green, evergreen leaves.

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