Bioshock 1 was just soooooo impacting to me, and is one of my favorite games EVER. But why? it felt like i was playing COD Advance Warfare, but some people would be flying all over the place, others stand still and twiddle there ♥♥♥♥♥ because the NPCs were ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ horrendous in Infinite. everything about Infinite was bad, but if you can aim at the enemies, deal with the glitches, and understand this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ story, props, high five, but i will never understand what drugs you took to play Infinite. Also big sisters were dope. First I’ve played them since 2010 for the first 2, and 2013 for infinite. As much as I love the original BioShock I think BioShock 2 is my favourite. It’s our values as gamers that are exactly at stake in reviews. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Wich for me is one of the best games ever togheter with it's predecessor Bioshock 1. ). But i haven't finished Bioshock 2 and still in progress now. Bioshock 2 in my opinion is the best. Bioshock 1 and 2 are more related to each other than to infinite, and specially B1 is always worth to play also in 50 years because story and atmosphare are just insanely good, the gameplay is always the same but the enemies in B1 and 2 are better and change a lot. Bioshock 2 and Infinite are as superb as one another, but not as good as the first for different reasons (which can be summed up with Bioshock 2 is too similar, Infinite isn't similar enough). Now I can't say all of that is not in Infinite, but yet there was a whole lot more in Bioshock 2. Which Bioshock game is your favorite? Going through the collection now, and playing them back-to-back, I may (or may not) end up rethinking that thought for once, though not in the sense that Bioshock is worse, but that Infinite is for once better, perhaps as good. Anyway I'd say Bioshock 1 and Minerva's Den were equally my favourite parts of the series, followed by Bioshock 2 then Infinite. ... BioShock Infinite. With Bioshock 2 the story isn't as engaging as the first Bioshock, but it is still good compared to other games. I agree Rapture felt so much more like it had a history, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. What bothered me with Infinite was the fact that the skylines weren't as cool as I thought. It’s all contested ground. Bioshock infinite or cod black ops 2? bioshock 2 is the best, because there is the HARMONY of STORY, GAMEPLAY and THE MOST WELL DESIGNED WORLD. Press J to jump to the feed. The 1999 Mode is the highest difficulty level in BioShock Infinite.However, this level is initially blocked.You can unlock it in two ways - complete the game for the first time at any difficulty level or enter a special code.Use the second option if you want to immediately select the highest difficulty (note - this is highly unadvised if you aren't familiar with the game! We shouldn’t be asking whether BioShock Infinite deserves a 9 or a 10. Original Poster. It's a good mix of scary, dark, ans it has a history wich makes it so much better. Bioshock 2 had slightly better gameplay mechanics but the plot was lacking abit compared to the first IMO. Bioshock Infinite was just.... oh my gosh, i couldn't play it, it was just so bad. Infinite though has got to be one of the most overrated games I have played in a long time, its a shooter trying to masquerade itself to be something deeper than it really is. We think it's because 2 was a different development team, but we think they took the formula from one and stuck with it. and lastly, i could never aim at anyone in Infinite! bioshock 2, infinite is a game that was way to ambitious for what could be done, and it's just a kinda bad game. infinite's gameplay is very poor, but the story is nice and that didn't kept me from sleeping in some moments. Both Bioshock 1 and 2 are great games and B2 doesnt get the attention is deserves. I’m thinking I’ll skip 2, and play it after Infinite due to its similar gameplay to the first so I don’t get burned out. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. I just wsnt to knoe why people tend to like infinite better. Rapture is the perfect setting. If you are to compare them all in the end I believe you could actually do a proper comparison with 1 & 2 since they have the same overall gamestyle and location; Infinite simply changed things. I can't really comment on Infinite as I haven't played enough of it yet. Bioshock 1 is the best Bioshock game. Infinite was okay, but it took me a long time to complete as I found myself getting bored with it, and actually stopped playing it for about a year before finally coming back to finish it off. I don't know if it's that Columbia wasn't as intriguing or the characters weren't as engaging or maybe the world building wasn't as well implemented, but it just didn't grab me as much as I'd hoped it would. Love the game's concept of the original Bioshock, Love it even more with the new Mechanic (Plasmids in left hand and weapons in right), And love it even more when you can use these powers (Plasmids and Vigors) in a fast-paced Combat in Bioshock Infinite. Bioshock 2 is a very underrated game, their combat mechanics are incredible good and his story is really good too. Infinite have a very good history and a gorgeus world, but their combat mechanis wasn´t good, maybe it´s because they showed us some battles or actions that never could be done in the final version. Just finished my Bioshock replay, should I play 2 or Infinite next? bioshock 2 has long been my favourite of the franchise, although i contend that the first game is certainly more innovative and, in terms of the development of gaming as a medium, important. We should be asking whether it deserves a 2 or a 10. i played the 1st one after 5 years it was made, so it didn't make effect to me. My brother and I have always felt the same way(22,32). As rincewind1990 stated, there are a few references to the past game, but they won't affect your understanding of the story. The gameplay was much improved over 1 although it occasionally got repetitive, but that didn't spoil my overall enjoyment of the game and it did have some unique and memorable moments. Bioshock I rented and am half way through but returned it because I wanted to play it on the pc. It was still a decent game, but it just didn't feel like Bioshock. (but not sports). I have to very much agree on all those points. Agreed. I beat the campaign of black ops 2 on the Xbox when I rented but I did not like the graphics or the controller. stranger094 - 10 years ago 0 1. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I like the original Bioshock. Rapture is a better setting to me than Colombia. It was a great experience and not like Bioshock Infinite that clearly was inflated by the ego Levine had gotten at that stage. but Infinite... i know it was different, but Bioshock's meaning originates in the underwater metropolis, not a sky city somehow gone missing for some reason that makes no sense, and is also incredibly religious and is totally just... alright. Which one should I get and If your a big cod hater give me a reason for buying bioshock.

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