They discovered that the dwarf variety called ‘Lilliput’ zinnias attracted twice the number of butterflies as other cultivars tested, which included ‘State Fair’, ‘Pinwheel’ and ‘Oklahoma’. Your email address will not be published. On May 21, I wrote that most all of the dahlias were sprouting and was feeling kind of hopeful that they would survive, but then it continued to rain for another week and half. This year I am growing Lime, Orange, Salmon Rose and Wine. But especially the zinnias - this is hands down the best zinnia crop that we've ever had! And I hope that my over-sharing about the challenges of this season don't deter you from farming or gardening - I just wanted to share a little bit about the reality of farming. We planted our 2,000 dahlia tubers on May 1 which is typical for our area. Goal achieved! My goal this year was to limit production to a handful of varieties that I love using in design work, that really pop in market bouquets and that sell well to other designers. Some types of zinnias can be worked into a perennial border, but the full-size version belongs in a cutting garden, where the plants can focus on what they do best: cranking out big, bold, beautiful flowers. Wedding work? Start your zinnias from seed, either right in the ground or under lights. So what flowers are doing well this year? Ms. LaLiberteGreat article on zinnias. Now for the best part: there are 13 colors of Benary’s Giants. 3. But especially the zinnias - this is hands down the best zinnia crop that we've ever had! You can choose from Deep Red, Scarlet, Carmine Rose, Bright Pink, Salmon rose, Coral, Wine, Purple, Lilac, Golden Yellow, Orange, Lime and White. Mountain fresh flowers grown with love using organic practices. Tenacity: How We're Breaking Ground at the New Farm, Pantone Project with Carley of 'Long Live Simple', Budgeting for Wedding Florals: Tips for maximizing your floral budget, Highlights from "An Evening on the Flower Farm". If you grow them under lights, don’t start too early. I've always loved zinnias and tend towards growing way too many. Do you grow zinnias or have you found any new favorite must-grow-again flowers? Be prepared to add some midseason support with bamboo canes or wooden stakes. Although I can’t say for sure, I suspect it would be difficult to grow zinnias in time for the wedding. During just 6 days of May, we had more than 3x the amount of rain than we usually get in all of the month of May. Here are my favorite zinnias for wedding design and market bouquets: I just adore the Oklahoma series because the blooms tend to be much smaller and thus easier to work into bridal bouquets and even boutonnieres. After doing some exploratory digging to check on the tubers, it was clear that almost all the dahlias were rotten. Bottom line: we have had WAY too much rain. These include State Fair and Giant Cactus-Flowered. If the weather is cloudy, the soil is soggy and the air is humid, (like it is where I garden) they’re prone to black spot, rust and powdery mildew. Despite the expected challenges that too much rain brings - field flooding, fungal diseases, not enough sunlight, soggy feet - the most heartbreaking part for our little farm is that we lost our entire dahlia crop. The plants are hefty — 3 to 4 ft tall and 2 to 3 feet wide — and heavily branched, with dense foliage. With so many different varieties, sizes and colors of zinnias, its especially important to ask yourself these questions before buying your first packet of seeds. My youngest daughter(she’s 17) asked that I grow the flowers for her wedding, which I hope won’t be for quite a while! Zinnias are for cutting. My friends always come to our house that’s why I want my outdoor space become more enjoyable especially my patio. Some of Benary’s Giants, showcased in a bouquet from our cutting garden. While the Benary's are great for market bouquets, I've learned that we just don't need that many blooms in the field and we just add more of the smaller blooms into market bouquets instead. There are several cultivars of “dahlia-flowered” zinnias that have been around for many years. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And my all time favorite will always be the Queen Red Lime. So for any of you that look at the picture perfect moments posted on social media and dream of being a flower farmer, take it from me that there is always more to the story than what you see in those dreamy squares!

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