Here, 18 of our top picks for adding some scrub time to your tub time. The exfoliating granules in the body scrub help remove the dead skin, boost circulation and increase blood flow to the skin’s surface. … ... Coconut Cream Exfoliating Body Scrub. The really cool thing about this scrub … The result is a youthful radiant skin to go with that fresh-looking face. Shop ULTA body scrubs for silky skin. The exfoliants in these body washes give your skin a mini massage, smooth and hydrate by removing dead skin cells, and smell heavenly. Enjoy these favorites from … Body scrubs and exfoliators slough away dull, dry skin to reveal softer, smoother skin. Best Salt Scrub: goop Beauty G.Tox 5 Salt Detox Body Scrub Buy on Sephora Buy on Salt is one of the oldest and most commonly-used exfoliating ingredients out there, and … This body scrub has been specifically designed to help reduce the appearance of dark marks and acne spots or any other signs on blemishes on the skin. If you have yet to give an exfoliating body wash a try, we’ve rounded up the best … Choose from an assortment of sugar and salt scrubs, body exfoliants and body peels to reveal brighter, smoother skin. Using an exfoliating body wash is like starting or ending your day with a spa treatment. What could be better? To help you pick up the right body scrub, here’s our hand-picked list of the 10 best body scrubs.

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