I have relaxed at beaches in Anda, Bohol and explored many places by motorbike, including riding to the large market in Jagna while taking in the beautiful scenery along the way. Quite simply, it’s the perfect place for rest and relaxation for the budget traveler who enjoys cultural immersion. Accommodation is family run. Take your time and enjoy one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines, the gorgeous vista of Crater Lake – you earned it! Sounds like you’ve had an amazing trip! If you’re after the most beautiful place in the Philippines, then surely add Siquijor Island to the list! However, it has so much to offer, I highly recommend exploring the whole island. I stayed at Suzette’s Homestay, which is clean, friendly, and has a great porch overlooking a mountainside of rice paddies. Make sure you have some sturdy shoes and lots of water for this adventure! Often called the 8th wonder of the world, this UNESCO World Heritage site is located approximately 1500 meters above sea level and is still used for rice planting. There are so many beautiful places in the Philippines! Of all the beautiful places in all of my travels thus far, Siquijor Island in the Philippines definitely takes the cake! Want some more inspiration for your next big trip. While some of the best places to visit in the Philippines are more well-trodden, there are still so many hidden gems, too! For those looking for the ultimate luxury escape, look no further than. It’s just too beautiful to find the right words to do it justice. Beautiful and fractious, the Philippines is one of the most interesting countries in Asia. Tourists can expect street dancing by dancers wearing … It is the perfect “out of town” getaway if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life. Once the sun starts to sink into the ocean, the sky lights up in the most beautiful color while the last boats make their way back to shore. Getting there: A 25-minute drive up the mountain by jeepney from Bontoc. It’s also fun to try travelling in the public transport with the locals, like the Jeepney, pillion passenger on a motorbike with a local to get to the top of hill if you are too tired to walk, the Tricycle with a cab on the side with room for three passengers and a motorbike with a bigger cab on the back. Just less than a 20km drive from General Luna lies one of the prettiest and most epic rope swings in the World and dubbed since 2017, the palm tree rope swing. Go on. There are many accommodation types to suit all budgets including the cheapest but best-rated hostel. Visit Hinagdanan caves en route to the hills and take a dip in the pools where hanging stalagmites reflect in the crystal clear water below. Cebu is full of history and many beautiful sites to explore. The best spots you shouldn’t miss in Balabac are (1) Onuk Island & its crystal blue waters sprawling as far as the eye can see; (2) Bugsuk Island, home to the most powdery, whitest sand beach in the Philippines; and (3) the pink sand beach at Camiaran Island. Decided where you and your backpack should head next! It encompasses ten chief islands and three of it are occupied. For the best views, set off at 2am which should see you make the summit, “the sea of clouds” in time for sensational sunrise views, Take some time to explore the mountain village of Kabayan where you can sample local food, visit the market stalls and speak with the villagers. Aside from its beautiful places and scenic tourist spots, it is also rich in history and culture. Here you can become a beach bum or dive in the nearby coral gardens, have a seafood feast, or climb up to the viewing deck, which provides a good view of both ends of the island as well as a spectacular spot for watching sunrise or star gazing at night. The Philippines is a dream destination, with over 7000 islands surrounded by stunning beaches. Kite surf on Bulabog beach where winds allow for optimal conditions! From idyllic island roads bordering crystal-blue coastline to long stretches of gently sloping mountains dotted with palm trees, to incredibly gorgeous waterfalls and amazing underwater scenery, Siquijor’s beauty is certainly undeniable. Via xiaxigongzhu.blogspot.com. Explore the sandbars located in Santa Fe and laze the day away. If you are looking for something historic and different from the typical Philipino tourist experience, then check out all the amazing things to do in Vigan. My son and I did a day trip from Cebu to Bohol the first time we visited and saw the Chocolate Hills, a Butterfly Sanctuary, very cute Tarsiers and enjoyed a lunch cruise with entertainment on a floating restaurant up Luboc River. Not to mention the alluring green rice fields and diverse history to discover. To witness this breathtaking phenomenon, head over to the Kiltepan Peak before the sun rises and watch the thick sea of clouds in front of you. Coron itself is a bit confusing: It encompasses the town of Coron (located on Busuanga Island), nearby Coron Island, and over 50 minor islets in the Calamian archipelago. The Bohol province has 1000+ hills are covered in grass which turn a rich brown colour (like chocolate!) No wonder it’s one of the best beaches in the Philippines, you just want to keep coming back! Required fields are marked *. The culture also adds to its charming aura. The sharp limestone cliffs, the incredible blue, crystal-clear water, the dreamlike beaches, El Nido pretty much is paradise on earth. If you’re looking for one of the most beautiful places in the world, look no further than the island of Siargao in the Philippines. Eat Balut, (a developing bird embryo encased in a shell) the local delicacy which is sold along most trails in the local villages that stand on stilts proudly overlooking the rice terraces. Located in Biliran province in the Visayan region, this paradise is made up of interconnected islets, featuring towering rocks and a white-sand beach. Well, actually the area around El Nido is what you need to explore. Cycle between the main towns of Santa Fe and Madridejos. Get lost on the sandbars of Bonbon beach. Written by Anietra Hamper Mar 10, 2020 . They are so massive; it’s said if all of them were put end to end, they would equal to half the circumference of the earth. Eight hours away from Manila, Sagada is where you can find challenging caves, magical waterfalls, and exotic dishes. The sea of clouds is also one of the highlights of this beautiful place. Boracay is definitely not an off-the-beaten-path destination anymore. Visit and swim in Tappiya Falls, a short and steep 15-minute walk from the Batad rice terraces. In addition to surfing, there are many other activities to partake in that will quench your thirst for adventure. It has been named the best island in the Philippines for several years. Capital and Major Cities . If you want to center yourself and make the most of this relaxing island, you can practically find a good spot to do yoga on every corner. It takes approximately 12 hours of land travel and most of its islands are only accessible using boats. Trek the Chocolate hills, located 2km North of Tagbilaran city center by tricycle. Search for the smallest primate in the World, the tarsier. Sunsets don’t come more orange and hazy than in Boracay. She shares her living abroad experiences and best tips to make your travel experiences the best they can be! The islands of Caramoan has already been used by the TV franchise ‘Survivor’ for several seasons! Batanes, the northernmost province of the Philippines, is composed of ten islands, the biggest three of which are the only ones inhabited. It’s the perfect place to spend two days or two weeks on your vacation while avoiding some of the crazier crowds in the Philippines. The Philippines is also affordable and easy to travel through, with the majority of locals speaking English. This village is known as a jumping off point for overnight mountain treks. Corcuera Island (Romblon). Allot more time on your trip so you can also visit Itbayat, the biggest inhabited island in the province and one of the country’s last frontiers. From here, it’s possible to island hop to other islands in Biliran as well.

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